About the Authors

Joe Kivett


In 1998, Joe decided to create a chart that outlined how long food products last. While conducting his research, Joe discovered a wealth of food-safety and food-quality information that complemented his food-longevity chart. One year later, Joe teamed up with, food safety expert, Dr. Mark Tamplin, co-author of The Food Safety Book. For the next 17 years, Joe and his team spent thousands of hours researching all aspects of Food Safety and Quality, which led to the creation of The Food Safety Book, written specifically for the consumer.

Before becoming a published author, Kivett worked at Walt Disney Entertainment for 16 years, where he produced stage shows and special events. In 1991, Kivett founded a production company, Kivett Productions, which produces Stadium Card Stunts worldwide.

Kivett received a BA in Speech Communication and a BS in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Florida. He lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and daughter. They enjoy, traveling, cycling, hiking and, of course, grocery shopping together.

Dr. Mark Tamplin


Dr. Tamplin holds a PhD in Medical Sciences, specializing in Microbiology & Immunology. Over a 30-year international career working as a university researcher and advisor to government agencies, his research has explored how pathogens exist in the environment and food, and then how they cause disease in humans. Tamplin’s work has been published in over 110 scientific articles and a dozen books. With his expertise in food safety and enthusiasm to educate, becoming co-author of THE FOOD SAFETY BOOK was a natural fit.

He has been appointed by the US Secretary of Agriculture to serve on the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods. Early in 2016, Dr. Tamplin blended his extensive knowledge of science with adventure in Phage, the first novel in his science thriller trilogy.  Dr. Tamplin grew up in West Virginia and now splits his time between Atlanta and Australia.

Dr. Gerald J. Kivett

Contributing Author

After earning his Wings of Gold with the U.S. Navy flight program in 1966, Dr. Kivett flew with Patrol Squadron Five in Jacksonville, Fla., the fourth-oldest squadron in the U.S. Navy. Discovering a passion for teaching and an interest in the medical field, Dr. Kivett returned to school and received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Florida. Following six years of employment at two Naval Hospitals, he left active duty in the Navy and started his private practice in Orlando in 1984.

Dr. Kivett eventually retired with the rank of Captain after 24 years of service.  Educating his patients on a healthy lifestyle is an important aspect of his practice. Having seen a great number of food poisoning cases that could have been avoided with basic proper food safety knowledge, Dr. Kivett was pleased to write the chapter on foodborne illness in his son’s first published book, The Food Safety Book. Dr. Kivett continues to stamp out disease as a family practice doctor in Orlando today.